Homemade Pimple Treatments - 7 Treatments You Can Do at Home

A lot of people do the wrong thing when it comes to getting rid of pimples. I once suffered from moderate acne and would not go out of the house unless I had to. I would not go on dates and would not even talk to my friends. There are homemade pimple treatments that work. I am living proof of that.

I am going to share with you some of the things that I have done over the past few months and the results that I have had with each. Each of these homemade pimple treatments seem to work well, while others worked great for me. Remember that you may have to try different ones before you find the one that works for you.

\"face Wash\"

1. One of the first that you need to do that is completely free is to reduce all of the Stress in your life as you can. Stress is a big factor in acne because studies shows that the more stress you have, the more acne you will have. So the first thing that I want you to do is to reduce all of the stress that you can in your day to day activities. I cannot tell you enough how much eliminating stress has helped me.

Homemade Pimple Treatments - 7 Treatments You Can Do at Home

2. Now that you are getting your stress under control, now you can try some known Homemade Pimple Treatments. First get some lemons, and get the lemon skin. Using the lemon skin and some warm water, wash your face with the lemon skin. Let the juices set on your face for around thirty minutes and wash with your normal face cleaner. You should start to seem some improvement within a couple of weeks. I personally love this treatment because it is easy and effective. It does take a while for the results to show up, but this will help your acne.

3. If you have pimples that are swelling, or if your face feels swollen, you can try toothpaste to get your skin to feel better. Right before going to bed apply some regular toothpaste to the affected areas and leave it there overnight. You will be amazed at how much better your face will feel in the morning.

4. Another face wash that you can try is Vinegar. Mix the vinegar with some salt and gently rub your entire face. Let it stay on your face for around thirty minutes and wash it off with your normal face wash. I didn't see big improvements with this mix, but you may.

5. Before going to bed, you need to take the Mint leaf juice and apply it to your affected areas. Mint is known to help reduce acne and help clear the skin. Leave the mint juice on your face overnight to do its magic.

6. As with all skin conditions, it is very important to drink plenty of water when getting rid of acne. You need to drink at least 8 full glasses of water each day to get rid of the toxins in the body and help you battle acne. I drink 8 glasses a day and I feel so much better and my skin is super clear.

7. Another homemade pimple treatment is the use of Cucumber. Make a cucumber paste and apply it to your face. Let it stand on your face for around 10 minutes and wash with your normal face wash. Cucumber will help moisturize the skin and provide plenty of vitamins for your skin.

Homemade Pimple Treatments - 7 Treatments You Can Do at Home

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10 Tips For Healthy Skin

Healthy, younger looking skin is what everyone dreams of. Healthy, younger looking skin is not hard to achieve. Looking after your appearance and maintaining a regular routine and healthy diet can help to give you perfect looking skin, free from spots and blemishes.

Below are 10 tips that will help you on your way to clear, beautiful skin.

\"face Wash\"

1. Your outside appearance reflects what's on your inside. Maintain a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and sunflower seeds.

10 Tips For Healthy Skin

2. Try and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. This will help to keep your skin moist, refreshed and supple, which will help the skin fight off developing wrinkles and blemishes.

3. Moisturize! Applying moisturizer after a warm face wash or a warm shower is the best remedies for skin. Moisturizing helps to restore the oils that our skin has and helps to keep the skin hydrated. Moisturizing for men is just as important as the oils in men's skin can be lost more easily than those in women.

4. Protect yourself from sun and tanning studio's. The sun and tanning studio's are the main reasons for premature aging. By applying self tan spray or keeping your face well protected from UV rays can help to prevent premature aging.

5. Keep up regular exercise. Regular exercise helps to keep the skin elasticity which prevents wrinkles. Exercise is also good for your body as a whole as it helps to maintain a low amount of body fat.

6. Taking vitamins and minerals helps to keep goodness in the skin. Vitamins and minerals have been developed to help your body. By taking one multivitamin can help to keep your skin fresh and clean.

7. Try and maintain a constant sleep pattern. Sleep is the body's time to restore itself and to re-energies the body's organs and skin. By maintaining a regular sleep pattern, you will feel more energized and your skin will become more healthy and fresher looking.

8. Do not scrub and wash too hard. By doing this it removes the required oils that the skin needs to regenerate. When washing, wash lightly and in circular motion. This helps to keep the blood flow in your skin and does not allow the essential oils to escape.

9. Do not squeeze spots. Although very tempting, by squeezing spots and black heads, the disease spreads and your acne will not disappear. By not squeezing your skin can heal the spot on its own and scars will not be formed. Constant squeezing of spots will cause scarring of the skin.

10. Finally, the most important thing you can do to help achieve, younger healthier looking skin is to stop smoking or never to start. Smoking causes premature aging and yellowing of the teeth and skin. The tobacco that is released into the air dries out your skin, while the smoke you inhale constricts the flow of blood to blood vessels, therefore preventing your skin of essential nutrients that your body supplies.

10 Tips For Healthy Skin

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What is Oily Skin, How to Treat It, and How NOT to Treat It

1 out of every 2 teenagers has oily skin. We hear about it every day on TV and the radio in ads for Proactive and Murad. Stars like Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Puff Daddy, Eminem, and even Paris Hilton all pitch various products and treatments for oily skin. Most of these products are nothing more than a mild benzoyl peroxide or salicylic (less than 2%) cleanser. The reality is that when we questioned real dermatologists none recommended these products. Their actual recommendations were:

1) skin peels and laser treatments.

\"face Wash\"

2) tetracycline

What is Oily Skin, How to Treat It, and How NOT to Treat It

3) Accutane - in severe acne cases only.

4) Doxycycline

5) Cetaphil - Every dermatologist said this was a great face wash.

You have to remember Paris Hilton, Eminem, and Jessica Simpson are all paid endorsers. Read the fine print. Not one of them guarantees or stands behind the product. To properly treat oily skin and the acne it can and usually does cause, you have to get to the source.

Benzoyl peroxide will only affect the surface and irritate it. Salicylic acid is a weaker acid and must be used in much stronger strengths to be effective - lees than 10% just won't cut it. What really works is treating the bacteria that are rampant in oily skin. This is what causes acne. A trichloroacetic acid (TCA peel) skin peel is the most effective external treatment and now the most cost effective as it is currently available to consumers for in home use. A TCA peel will alter the skin pH (acidity levels) and make the conditions unfavorable for the bacteria. TCA peels will also get rid of excess oil, increase exfolliation, collagen production, and new skin production - all helpful with oily skin. TCA peels are also very effective on acne scars - an added plus. And the best thing is there are no side effects.

Tetracycline is available by prescription only. It will kill the bacteria, but only for as long as you keep taking it. It will not affect the oilyness and is not effective against mild to severe acne. It also has side effects like yellow teeth. Their are similar antibiotics like doxycycline that have basically the same results.

Accutane is a very drastic prescription only medication. The side effects can be quite severe and are common. Blood tests must be done on a weekly or monthly basis. Accutane will cease the production of oil by stopping the functionality of the sebaceous glands. Usually this was reserved for mild to severe acne patients. The complications are so severe there have been numerous class action lawsuits (just watch TV or look up Sokolove the attorneys office on the internet).

Lasers have been used in a limited capacity as they are still too expensive and are mostly effective on thee resultant scarring from the acne, not on the oilyness and excess sebum production.

So, straight from real non-paid dermatologists all over the country, one can conclude that the most effective treatment with the least cost is TCA peels. And they are now available for home use. Now you know how to permanently cure oily skin, treat acne, and have beautiful skin from a real dermatologists perspective. Don't be misled by a highly compensated endorser like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Eminem, Puff Daddy, etc...

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What is Oily Skin, How to Treat It, and How NOT to Treat It

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How to Get a Clear Face And Keep It With These Great Tips For a Clear Face

Boy! There's nothing like a clear face, free from pimples, blemishes and spots. There's nothing like being able to look in the mirror and seeing smooth clear skin and a clear complexion. And, there's nothing like being able to stop being embarrassed about bad skin problems.

So you want to know how to get a clear face and acne-free skin? Following is some information and tips for what works for acne.

\"face Wash\"

Where does acne come from?

How to Get a Clear Face And Keep It With These Great Tips For a Clear Face

Although acne can be very complex, the causes of it are relatively simple. Basically, acne will come from a combination of the following:

o Irritated hair follicles

o Loosened, dead skin cells

o Overproduction of oil from sebaceous glands under the skin

o Bacterial build up

o Clogged pores

Other factors than can cause acne are:

o Heredity

o Stress (this can make oil glands overact)

o Hormone fluctuations (men and women)

o Some pore clogging cosmetics

o Dirty make-up applicators

So what works for acne?

Following are some tips and information about the first steps to take to get rid of acne problems. With an effective acne treatment system your skin should clear within a week or two.

Clear Face Tip #1: Do an analysis

Make a determination about what type of skin you are dealing with. Is it dry? Is it oily? Is it a combination of oily and dry? Is your skin normal? Or do you have sensitive skin? Knowing what type of skin you have will help you determine what works for acne, blemishes and spots for yourself.

Clear Face Tip #2: Oily skin

Oily skin appears shiny and pores are often big which makes the skin prone to blackheads. If the skin on your face tends to be oily all over, or on certain areas, it is best to use a face wash that is oil-free, and also contains salicylic acid on affected areas. Also for oily skin, women make sure you use only oil-free, hypoallergenic makeup products.

Clear Face Tip #3: Dry skin

Dry skin tends to have a tightness to it, and is prone to developing fine wrinkles. For people with dry skin, you will want to use a face wash that will not strip natural oils from your skin. Also, instead of toner, you will need to use a good moisturizing cream.

Clear Face Tip #4: Combination or normal skin

With skin that is combination or normal, you will notice that the pores are not real big or small, but medium sized. This type may also be prone to an oily t-zone, while being more dry on the cheek areas.

Clear Face Tip #5: Sensitive skin

This skin type is very delicate and the pores are very fine. Sensitive skin has a tendency to become inflamed, and also to break out in rashes from allergic reactions. Also for sensitive skin, ladies make sure you use only hypoallergenic makeup products.

Clear Face Tip #6: Follow an effective regimen for a clear face

Although the above tips for a clear face are good, they do not make up a complete effective facial regimen. To get clear skin, you need to follow a complete acne-free skin care system which includes useful information about your skin condition, diet advice, and a step-by-step routine in order to get the results you need. Cleansing, alone, is not enough.

How to Get a Clear Face And Keep It With These Great Tips For a Clear Face

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5 Best Acne Home Remedies

Recently I had a terrible acne outbreak. Looking in the mirror made me scream. I didn't want to try all advertised acne creams and went to a dermatologist straight away. I asked her to prescribe me a strong acne medicine with a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide, something that would surely work.

To my surprise, the doctor said, no, no strong medication yet, let's try something else. She gave me several recopies for acne home remedies. I was disappointed, but since the doctor said it should work I tried her homemade remedies. At first I didn't want to believe it, but my skin looked better and better every day. After about two weeks there was no trace of acne. Here are the remedies that helped me, hope that they will work for you as well.

\"face Wash\"

1. Mix of rosewater and lemon

5 Best Acne Home Remedies

Lemon is an excellent cleanser for acne affected skin. You can mix fresh lemon juice with rose water and apply to affected skin. Wash off after half an hour with clean water. This acne remedy usually shows great results in a few days and in a couple weeks acne should completely disappear from your face.

2. Toothpaste

Ordinary toothpaste can dramatically help with acne. If your face feels swollen, put a little bit of toothpaste on your pimples before going to bed. Your skin will feel much better in the morning.

3. Mint

Mint has been used to stop acne for centuries. It probably grows in your garden or you can buy it in a fruit and vegetable shop. Squeeze juice from mint leaves and apply to your face before going to bed.

4. Vinegar

Simple home vinegar is an effective acne cleanser. Mix it with a little salt and gently rub into your face. Wash off in about 30 minutes.

5. Cucumber

Most women know that cucumber is great for your skin. It can also be used to fight and prevent acne. Make a cucumber paste, put it on your face and let is stay there for several minutes. Unlike lemon and vinegar cucumber doesn't dry your face, quite the opposite, it moisturize your skin and supplies it with vitamins. Use cucumber mask twice a week and you will see definite improvements to your skin condition.

Acne diet is important for any acne treatment

Well, there is no such thing as a special "acne diet"; however, what you eat is greatly important for the condition of your skin. Previously, to cure acne doctors suggested cutting down only oily and sugary foods. Modern research shows that eating pizza and drinking soda, doesn't cause acne. What is really essential for acne diet is to consume enough vitamins and minerals. Vitamins that are known to help with acne are Vitamin A, Vitamin E and most B group vitamins. So balanced diet is required to stop acne outbreaks.

Drinking your 8 glasses of water is also important in a fight against acne. Enough water helps your body to clean itself of toxins. Which means less harmful substances on your skin.

I personally found rose-lemon mix the most effective. It helped to clear my face and the smell of it is just heaven. Some people recommended garlic as an acne cure, but would you like to smell of garlic when you go out?

Try using a natural acne home remedy instead of over the counter acne products. Don't trust the ads when they tell you that nothing can clean your skin as well as "you name it" acne cream or cleanser. Home treatments for acne work just fine and they are surely less harmful for your skin than harsh chemicals used in acne medicine.

5 Best Acne Home Remedies

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Anti-Depressants And Acne - Is There A Connection?

Zoloft is an example of a medication for treatment of depression. It was approved by the Food and Drug administration in 1991 and was used since then to treat depression in depressive patients. It is classified as an anti-depressant of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor type (SSRI).

Zoloft was invented by two scientists from Pfizer namely Stephen Werner and William Dzomba. It is also known as sertraline. The drug can also be used for general anxiety disorder, binge eating disorder, and premature ejaculation. It is also claimed to be effective in the treatment of impulsive aggressive behavior of personality disordered patients.

\"acne Face Wash\"

What does it have to do with acne? According to research, Zoloft does not cause acne but hypersensitivity to the chemical content of the drug could. Perhaps, hypersensitivity to sertraline could cause cystic acne which may last for days and cause scars for months.

Anti-Depressants And Acne - Is There A Connection?

What can I Do to Solve the Problem?

Zoloft can be used along with topical medications for acne. Should you have acne apparently due to allergic reactions from the drug, you may use benzoyl peroxide which is a known topical acne treatment to minimize the acne inflammation.

Benzoyl peroxide dries the pimple with continuous application. Once the pimple is all dry, you may try to remove the scar with whitening agents like creams or lotions. These are very effective in lightening if not removing the scars.

Try not to resort to ingested medication during treatment with Zoloft as it might cause further problems or aggravate existing ones. Treatment of acne with oral medication may not be the best solution while the Zoloft regimen is ongoing.

What Are Other Possible Solutions?

While a patient is on medication with Zoloft, most doctors would recommend drinking a lot of water to help cleanse the body. Water helps in the circulation of blood in the system and helps drain out toxicities that may be introduced by drugs. Water has been known to clear the skin and make it more supple and it is also recommended while in treatment with sertraline.

Aside from keeping the skin clean from the inside by drinking lots of water, also keep it clean from the outside by regular washing with acne face wash (but do not overdo this as it can then become counterproductive). Use makeup minimally, if at all, as most makeup would be considered as foreign substances by the body and may cause unfavorable reactions.

What Else Could I Do?

To have a healthy skin, you need to have a healthy body. And to have a healthy body you need to have a healthy diet. Eat the right kinds of food and eat balanced meals. Have vegetables in the diet and carbohydrates as well as protein. It is necessary that you have a lot of fiber in the meal so that it would help wipe away the side effects of the drug.

Eating well is advisable because you need this too for maintaining your excellent body health. Eating healthy foods could keep your body in shape and help you maintain the good health of your skin. As they say, a healthy body shows through in the glow of healthy skin.

Any More Advice for Anyone Taking Zololf Who Also Has Acne?

It takes time to get used to the drug. The acne eruptions may be allergic reaction to the drug or hypersensitivity to sertraline. In some cases, the problem might go away as time goes by and the body gets used to the regimen. If the acne condition does not subside then you should have a good talk with your health care provider.

Anti-Depressants And Acne - Is There A Connection?

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