The Best Cleanser and Face Wash For Oily Skin

The best cleanser and face wash for oily skin helps reduce oil production that give you skin that "shiny" look, while improving tone and reducing pore size.

What are the Causes?

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Chronic or acute oiliness is often the result of over-active sebaceous glands.  Sebaceous glands secrete sebum (oil) that helps hydrate, moisturize, and nourish the skin and hair.  On the face sebaceous glands are most concentrated on the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.  This encompasses the "triangle" area referred to many dermatologists.

The Best Cleanser and Face Wash For Oily Skin

Warm weather, changes in barometric pressure, and high relative humidity stimulate oils and increases the chance of an overly oily complexion.  Physical exertion, strenuous exercise and hot working or home environments can exacerbate the problem.  And the problem can be extensive.

Excess oil production can trap dirt and bacteria that lead to enlarged pores, inflammation, and redness.  A primary contributor to acne is the infection that develops when dead skin cells, yeast, and oil combine.  Irritation, redness, and mores severe problems such as psoriasis, eczema and cracking can occur.

Take the Shine Away

The best products - face cleansers and washes - for cleaning an oily complexion are formulated with Zinc PCA and gentle surfactants that clean trapped oils and dirt from pores, while leaving dermal layers hydrated.  The trick is not necessarily regulation, but improving the health of your skin and avoiding drying.  While dryness temporarily makes us feel like we've licked the complexion problem, excessive drying and lost moisture is not good.

The best washes use Hyaluronic Acid to retain moisture along with DMAE, Green tea and Panthenol to soothe, protect from cell damage from oxidization and to help shrink pores.  Used in combination you get effective control of excessive secretions and improved dermal health - providing long-term control for a health, clean complexion.

The Best Cleanser and Face Wash For Oily Skin

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Find advice, tips and recommendations for regulating oil, cleaning bacteria, and avoiding acne, inflammation and eczema. Zinc PCA products regulate secretions, while providing vital hydration. For more severe or acute oily complexion, use an advanced-formula Oily Face Toner.

Home Remedies For Baby Eczema

If your baby is suffering from eczema, you know how uncomfortable the itchy and dry skin can be, not to mention the sore spots. Since eczema usually goes hand in hand with sensitive skin, treating it can be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully there are quite a few home remedies for baby eczema you can try.


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Keeping baby's skin well moisturized should always be the first step in any eczema treatment. Use a natural aloe Vera lotion several times a day, especially after bathing baby. Reapply as often as need to keep baby's skin from drying out. Avoid any harsh cleansers and make sure baby is getting plenty to drink to moisturize from the inside out as well. Incidentally breastfed babies experience fewer and milder episodes of eczema.

Home Remedies For Baby Eczema

Oatmeal Bath

When baby's skin gets very itchy, an oatmeal bath can be very soothing and help skin heal. Put two cups of oats in a food processor (or use a coffee grinder) and grind them into a powder. Add the oatmeal powder to a running bath of warm (not hot) water and stir well. Soak in the oatmeal bath for 15 minutes, rinse with clean water and dab the skin dry with a soft towel. When baby's eczema breakouts are bad, it is safe to sooth them with an oatmeal bath twice daily.

Natural Skin Wash

As mentioned above, you want to avoid any harsh skin care for baby. The following natural skin wash is very gently and helps with the itch. Combine 1 tsp of comfrey root, 1 tsp of white oak bark, 1 tsp of slippery elm bark and two cups of water in a bowl. Mix well, and then pour it into a pot. Heat over medium heat until it comes to a boil, and then simmer for thirty minutes. Allow the mixture to cool, then strain out the solids and use the liquid like any face wash.

While this mixture may not completely clear up baby's eczema, it is a natural, gentle and effective cleanser that will help reduce the itching and inflammation.

Healing Lotions

When eczema really flares up, you want to get baby's skin healed back up as soon as possible. Healing lotions can help shorten the healing time and moisturize and protect your skin from future outbreaks at the same time.

Lotions to look for ate those made with blueberry leaves. Blueberry leaves are very good at relieving the inflammation of eczema and at improving the irritation that accompanies itching.

Zinc is another great ingredient. Apply zinc lotion directly on the affected area. Zinc can also be taken as a supplement in pills. Taking regularly, it can be an effective eczema treatment.

To help heal the skin, use a lotion containing vitamin E, or apply vitamin E oil directly on the affected area. It will quickly reduce itching and improve healing. Continue applying the vitamin E oil until the skin is healed.

Reduce Irritants

Some babies experience eczema because they are allergic to detergents, which are found in nearly all personal care, cleaning and laundry products. You may want to investigate using pure soap for all cleaning and laundry as well as bathing for some time to see if your baby's eczema improves.

Eczema can also occur as a result of food allergies. If you have a family history of food or environmental allergy, your baby may also be experiencing sensitivities to something in his diet or environment. Check with your baby's health care provider and consider an elimination diet or other measures to track down allergens.

Typically, babies outgrow eczema, or at the very least, it will improve as he gets older.

This article is provided for information purposes only. Please consult your baby's health care provider before trying home remedies.

Home Remedies For Baby Eczema

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Large Pores Treatment - 3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Large Pores For Good

There are two primary reasons large pores show up on your face - age and genetics. While neither of these factors can be altered or reversed, there are some things you can do to get rid of large pores for good. The verdict is still out on whether large facial pores can be eliminated permanently, but it's something that has to be taken on a case-by-case basis. Using the methods below, you can at east expect to dramatically shrink your large pores so they are less noticeable.

So, let's begin.

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Harness the Power of Vitamin C and Retinol

Large Pores Treatment - 3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Large Pores For Good

Using a mild face wash or topical medication that contain either vitamin C or retinol can work wonders when it comes to reducing large pores. The antioxidants in these items remove dirt and oil form your pores while helping your skin to produce more elastin and collagen.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation can be accomplished in one of three ways - at a dermatologist, spa, or at home. You can use a simple facial scrub to exfoliate from home and shrink large pores. You may also want to consult your local dermatologist or spa for a microdermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion is one way to gently remove dead layers from the surface of your skin and get rid of large pores. Be careful, though. This treatment can be harsh because it basically involves sanding your skin with a rotating wire or steel brush. Ouch!

Use a Chemical Peel Treatment

A facial chemical peel is perhaps one of the best ways to get rid of large pores. You can visit your dermatologist's office for a chemical peel or you can do it at home. The average chemical peel administered by a dermatologist is going to cost you anywhere between 0 to 00. On the other hand, you can find at home chemical peels of the same quality for as low as and as much as 0 for more advanced kits. Choosing the at home route, you end up saving 0 to ,340.

Large Pores Treatment - 3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Large Pores For Good

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Home Remedy for Acne Redness

If you're looking to heal an inflamed pimple and calm down the redness, then this article should give you all your answers. I've had many situations myself where I would have an event to go to the next day and I'd be stuck worrying how I could lessen the acne redness on my face. Here you'll be getting every home remedy for acne redness I've successfully used. This should give you the confidence to know that these remedies work! Let's begin...

Taking two Advil's is a nice start to calm the acne redness. Advil is an inflammatory and your skin will look less irritated in a matter of about 25 minutes after taking them.

\"Best Acne Face Wash\"

If you don't want to take advice, rinse a washcloth under ice cold water. Apply the cloth to your face for about 5-10 minutes. When you take the wash cloth away, initially you face may appear red or pink from the cold temperature. However, a few minutes after, you'll notice the swelling of the acne has gone down and the pimples look much less irritated.

Home Remedy for Acne Redness

Dabbing some egg whites on the inflamed pimple works well too. The egg whites will absorb the bacteria and toxins in the skin. Afterwards, wash your face gently with cold water to reveal a more calm skin appearance.

My favorite home remedy for acne redness is taking an herbal tea bag and dipping it in warm water. Take the tea bag out and gently rub it all over your face. This will leave a brownish residue on your face. Leave the tea residue on your skin for about 5 minutes and then gently wash your face with cold water. Tea leaves contain Tannin which is a natural astringent. The tea solution will also absorb much of the bacteria that is causing the redness. When you wash off the tea residue, your face will be less inflamed and the redness will be gone.

Home Remedy for Acne Redness

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Facial Pore Suction Cleaner Blackhead Acne Remover - How Do They Work?

If you have oily skin, then you probably also suffer from large pores and the accumulation of oil, dirt and dead skin cells that eventually lead to blackheads. One might get a few large blackheads here and there, while people with oily skin can have a number of tiny, speck like blackheads all over their face. Some people are using a facial pore suction cleaner blackhead remover to battle acne. In this article, we will discuss how these pore suction cleaner blackhead tools are used.

Facial pore suction cleaner blackhead removers are available in a number of different brands and the pricing can vary. For example, Avon sells one for only that works well. There are also more expensive ones available.

\"Best Acne Face Wash\"

When you use a blackhead cleaner, the first step is to open your pores and use a mild cleanser to clean your face. There are a number of ways to do this. You can steam your face in the shower to open the pores, use a warm wash cloth or hold your face over a bowl of boiling water for five minutes. After opening your pores, gently cleanse your face using your fingers. Often time this will start the removal process and some of your blackheads will be eliminated. Rinse well and you are ready for the next step.

Facial Pore Suction Cleaner Blackhead Acne Remover - How Do They Work?

The next step is to begin using the pore cleaner. Don't let your face get too dry at any time during the pore cleansing process. Keep your face wet with warm water, not merely moist. The wetness on your skin will help you keep a good seal for the suction cup against your skin.

The first time, you may get what some call the "scraping off" of surface dead cells, but keep at it and re-wet skin with warm water if needed and the next time you move the cup over that spot it will remove the contents of pores, now that the surface dead layers are out of the way.

Do not just use this on dry skin misted over using the mist attachment or you will be disappointed. You need to open your pores first, in order to get the best results. Also be careful not to leave the suction cup in one spot too long, or you may experience bruising.

Facial Pore Suction Cleaner Blackhead Acne Remover - How Do They Work?

Some people swear by their facial Pore Suction Cleaner Blackhead Acne Remover. If it works for you, then you may find this is just the tool you were looking for to clean your pores and make your face smooth and blackhead free. Visit for more helpful acne tips and advice on acne scars, acne home remedies, acne products, blackhead removal and how to get rid of acne scars.